Fitting aid – sizing

We Pride ourselves in superior fit and styling, and strive to ensure you are seen as Queen of the beach by all who see you. To achieve this we need your to help

  1. After you have placed your order you shall within 24 hrs [ time zone and country dependent] receive a person to person telephone call or email requesting additional information that is pertinent to ensuring best fit.
  2. If you email a reply please be sure that you return email the document in word or pdf.

Please note : if you are unsure say so but do not change the descriptions listed or not provide information as this can waste time inasmuch that the manufacturing slot we have RESERVED FOR YOU IS MISSED.

  1. Often underwear is somewhat stretched or been in service for some time or of Branding that has vanity sizing. By way of example: Vanity sizing is used to trick women into thinking she is by far larger than she truthfully is meaning an uplift bras marked 32 dd when truth sizing is 32 c. Although we ask for your current Bra and Panty sizes it does not mean that these are accurate. Often we find to achieve best fit is to work on the physical measurements provided
  2. As with Bottom sizing your lingerie sizing may say 32 hip but in truth the size may be up to size 36. This is where Xen’s dedicated cut comes in, We created balance swimsuits cut to ensure a holistic balance. If after this you are still unsure please review our affiliated website wherein you will be read the tricks of the clothing trade and how sizing works. but do not enter measurements,  as your normal lingerie  size is used as cross reference despite possible errors.
  3.  Before purchase those stores that allow fitting  it is best to do a squat first this will tell you of any rear panel creep and bagging in the bum area.
  4. Please download our physical measurement schedule, XEN FITTING CHART complete then email to a fitting advisor who shall ensure your pattern is adjusted for best fit .
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