Dress and Bra Size Calculators and Converters

85b.org offers free online international dress and bra size calculators and converters.

Whenever you need to know your dress or bra size in an international sizing format other than that used in your country, the dress and bra size converters found on these pages will help you.

Dress, Top & Skirt  

Bra size calculator
Calculate your bra / bust / cup size in all international sizes using our online bra size calculator.

Bra size converter
Convert between all international bra sizes using our online bra size conversion calculator.

The Dress size calculator has been taken off-line due to a lack of time and feedback required for its development. It may well reappear soon so check back regularly.

Dress size converter
Convert between all international dress sizes using our online dress size conversion calculator.

Bra Sizing

There are a number of reasons why you may need to determine your correct bra size:

  • You need to measure for a first bra
  • Your current bras are no longer comfortable
  • You are expecting a baby

The online bra size calculator is the tool you need. It accepts measurements in either inches or centimeters and will tell you your suggested bra size in six different international formats - wherever you may be, this is the bra size calculator you need.