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  •  Unless otherwise agreed  EFT or direct banking payment on site requests shall be made within 9 hrs of order placement, failing which the order may be cancelled.
  • Items that are supplied to size, colour, colour trim and style as per customers order do not qualify for monetary refund.
  • If you by chance receive a size mix not listed for a style. You must advise Xen immediately.
  • Please do not assume your sizes based on your clothing.
  • In all instances you will be asked by Xen CUSTOMER SERVICES  or Xen Admin to confirm your size requirement by way of a fitting list  wherein you shall be asked to complete with your  physical description and measurements.  You must please ensure that this request is answered as soon as reasonably possible.
    If no reply is given within 5 days your order will be executed as per order.  In this No refunds will be entertained as it is accepted that the sizes and colours ordered meet with your requirement.
  • In an instance where the purchaser specifically requests  Sizing without the provision of measurements or specific instruction it will be assumed that the purchaser  understands his sizing to be correct. No claim or refund is applicable.
  • Under No circumstances must it be assumed that Xen or Oceans Wardrobe is a fitting service.
  • An admin. fee, full postage / freight cost and a handling charge will be for the customers account if the item is returned for refund.
  • No refund or swaps on custom cut units or order placed shall be entertained unless alternative arrangements are agreed to prior to order.
  •  The purchaser agrees that any specified order not paid within the agreed time frame  may at the discretion of Oceans Wardrobe  Swimwear be cancelled with the associated/ related costs claimed from the Purchaser.
  •  Xen / Oceans Wardrobe shall be bound contractually to consult using email, Short message serves, or Verbally with the Purchaser before any action which may involve termination of order.  Once consultation has been expedited the decision is binding.  Incurred costs may be invoiced.
  • In the event of a special consignment being  ordered with the production of an invoice either by way of onsite services or by administration that order is deemed to be executable within the timeframe agreed to.
  • All product are sold FOB ex factory . This means that a parcel is delivered by the purchasers preferred transport or collected at the admin office.

    Xen cannot be held responsible for delays in Freight or Postal services.

  • Damage resulting from mishandling, delays during, or loss during the delivery process by the customers chosen transport courier service or freight company which is paid at the time of items purchase by the Customer, nor any damage,or loss shall be deemed to be the responsibility or cost of Xen Swimwear or Oceans Wardrobe.
  • All customers will receive a Facsimile, e-mail or SMS with progress reports and a tracking number once the order has been dispatched.
  • Check delivery time before you place your order as we may be able to ensure 24 hour turnaround if needed.
  • Once the order has been dispatched with a tracking number supplied to the purchaser Xen’s liability shall cease unless the customer makes a direct request for freight insurance.
  • Even though Xen ensures that the finest quality fabrics and threads are used Xen will not accept liability for colour fade.
  • Please note that every item has a plastic coated tag with care instructions.
  • In addition care instructions are printed on the branding / size label fixed to the garment  Keep to these and your swimsuit should last forever.
  •  Manufacturers Contact details appear on the internal label of your chosen style.
  • As the purchaser of services in the manufacture to order I assume responsibility for payment.
  • Xen does not accept returns / swaps / repair / refunds for those items that have been washed / soaked or cleaned with household or other detergent or used in a commercial or private swimming pools or other facility where chlorine or other bleaching water purification medium is used.
  • Other than test fitting alternatively inspection fitting the  purchased Item may not ne worn or used in manner before  lodging complaint.  The cost of garment return is at the cost of the purchaser.
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