Product exchanges and warranty in addition see sale conditions

We appreciate the difficulty of buying by mail order. To alleviate some of these stresses Xen has provided you with all the information we believe makes for a sound purchase.

Internet Affiliation Sales

  1. Style exchange or colour swap options shall  not be entertained unless changes to an order have been received by Xen 48 hrs before dispatch.
  2. Normal warranty conditions apply see below
  3. The affiliate Sales contract is between the customer and himself.
  4. Xen assumes no liability for delays, chargeback, incorrect sizing. The affiliate must ensure that he has ordered what his customer requires and the delivery address is correct.
  5. It is responsibility of the Affiliate to ensure that his customer is of good standing. No credits or charge backs are permitted once the items has been dispatched.
  6. All Xen swimwear will be covered by our standard workmanship and product warranty.
  7. The cost of returned items against warranty is for the affiliate or his customers account claim but do not qualify due to errors noted below will be charged to the affiliates account.

Product description : All Xen swimwear is manufactured to the highest possible standards. All threads are of 80# thread with bulk floss under thread for added strength and durability. Fabrics are of imported swim wear grade Italian and Spanish Lycra’s. The stylish Xen logo may be embroidered on the rear of the swimsuit / bikini. Added to this all Xen swimwear have Lingerie grade Tactel Gussets and Brassier lining for fast drying and Lingerie comfort not found in other swim wear.

General Warranty

Xen is happy to replace any goods purchased within 48 hrs if the return meets with the following criteria.

  • Xen has been advised of Customer dissatisfaction timorously by e-mail.
  • The returned item shall be undamaged. In this we mean that the item has not been deliberately tampered with nor has makeup, discoloration from Suntan oils or natural fluids, or been worn or used in highly chlorinated water or has snags or tears or washed in a detergent.
  • Replacement is guaranteed if the end user receives an item that was not listed as a purchase item, incorrectly sized by Xen or does not meet her original colour / trim demand. It is policy that your personal fitting advisor shall keep you informed of any problems.
  • If your problem is of such nature that you require face to face discussion please feel free to use Skype. call sign Xenswimwear.
  • The returned item is not older than 7 days of date of receipt by the client
  • The item received is not to the high standard of workmanship expected by Xen and its clientele.
  • The original item tag and freight tracking number must be returned with the item.It is important to note that, Only goods returned to the factory for inspection may qualify for replacement or exchange. In rare cases where it has been seen that we have had your listed complaint exceeding our set criteria an automatic refund is effected. In the latter case you will be asked to confirm your refund acceptance. In instances where acknowledged faults exist but refund is not necessary Xen shall replace the item within 48 hrs (RSA only ) of receipt of the returned item free of all toll. In those instances where the items does not meet with that listed in the warranty, the item shall be repaired. The return and forwarding cost will be at the discretion of Xen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Styling warranty

  • Although Xen takes precaution to ensure that accessories used in the final assembly of Xen swimwear are to the highest standards, the purchaser acknowledges that Xen shall not be held liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any failure of any item not directly manufactured by Xen, nor shall Xen assume liability for that items failure of perform to the original Manufacturers specification. These include items such as, lost or loose crystals, breaking of metal chains and connectors, be they metal or plastic.
  • In the event that accessory failure does occur the replacement of that item will be at the discretion of Xen. The customer will be liable for the post / freight cost to and from the Xen factory.
  • Where a unit is custom styled to a particular specification or where sizes or measurements supplied by the purchaser are incorrect the item will not be replaced nor shall a refund be affected.



  • Items that are supplied to size, colour, colour trim and style as per customers order do not qualify for monetary refund.
  • If you receive a size mix not listed for a style. You must advise Xen immediately. Please do not assume your sizes based on your clothing.
  • In all instances you will be asked by Xen to confirm your size demand. You must please ensure that this request is answered as soon as reasonably possible.
  • If no reply is given within 5 days your order will be executed as per order.  In this No refunds will be entertained as it is accepted that the sizes and colours ordered meet with your requirement.
  • Under No circumstances must it be assumed that Xen is a fitting service. An admin. fee, full postage / freight cost and a handling charge will be for the customers account if the item is returned for refund. No refund or swaps on custom cut units.
  • Xen cannot be held responsible for delays in Freight or Postal services. All customers will receive a Facsimile, e-mail or SMS with a tracking number once the order has been dispatched. Check delivery time before you place your order.
  • Once the order has been dispatched with a tracking number supplied to the purchaser Xen’s liability shall cease unless the customer makes a direct request for freight insurance.
  • Even though Xen ensures that the finest quality fabrics and threads are used Xen will not accept liability for colour fade. Please note that every item has a plastic coated tag with care instructions. In addition care instructions are printed on the branding / size label fixed to the garment  Keep to these and your swimsuit should last forever.
  • Xen does not accept returns / swaps / repair / refunds for those items that have been washed / soaked or cleaned with household or other detergent or used in a commercial or private swimming pools or other facility where chlorine or other bleaching water purification medium is used