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Please note due to an Indian based freight company breaching our Xen International trade copyright and a Chinese toy manufacturer trading,  as Xen Bodyboards, An Australian group trading as Xen Clothing, other crooks trading as XeN swimwear we shall continue future trade as Oceanswardrobe.xen.co.za. Once we have sorted those problems we shall revert to trading as  Xen.

Xen Swimwear and Xenwear are wholly owned subsidiaries of Xen Bodyboards International an innovative surfing goods manufacturer. In 1994 our original intention was to use teen swimwear as a marketing tool for these products.

We had noted that all manufacturers appeared to follow others in style and cut the only difference being the colour of the fabric. Our idea was to provide teens with swimwear styles that was a little different, just outside the mainstream. In short we want to ENHANCE YOUR FEMININE MYSTIQUE and RESTORE THE LOST ALLURE THAT WOMEN THE WORLD OVER HAVE.

To keep our exclusive image Xen swim wear is sold to select stockists [Never Chain stores],

At first we thought it may be our original embroider logo that was the main attraction. It took time to dawn upon us that our cut met the exact needs of the a growing number of women who wanted to look “womanly”. That special allure that all women the world over have, that same something that had been suppressed for so long by the Feminist movement and marketers who controlled the market. Moreover, Women wanted swimwear that dried quickly and gave maximum comfort. Our innovative use of Lingerie Grade Tactel – we believe a world first – as a full front lining gives our Xen wearers that chance to experience the exotic feel of Lingerie in swimwear.

Whether you wear our Classic Bikini or go for our hand made plaid thongs, be rest assured that we have worked really hard to ensure that we enhanced your natural feminine qualities.

Enjoy your onlookers gape of admiration. Thanks for joining us.

Fondest regards

Billie Robinson

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