full body recreation swimsuit.

Social projects – Oceans wardrobe

In the interest of our planet and its future Xen Swimwear has taken a slightly different approach to social responsibility. In this we have taken it upon ourselves to concentrate in specialist fields adding in our small way to the protection of the environment.

Paperless systems

Our first objective was to be as paperless  as possible by ensuring that our entire accounting and processing system is electronic reducing our new paper use to the bare minimum inasmuch that only items pertaining to the required proof of taxes and transactions outside Xen swimwear are held as hard copy.



The second is the collection of old fragrance and other compact boxes for the Dispatch of your purchases. So if you see your purchase in a second hand box we are not being mean but saving trees and the near 500 lt of water pollution it takes to make that box.

Xen Owner’s personal favourite, Plastic tubs such as that used for large ice cream and Yogurt are sent to our Local Centre for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife to be reused as food dishes.

Awareness creation

Our staff too, are encouraged to bring from home any throw away plastic, paper, and glass which is binned for collection by the respective companies. The money earned is then share donated to the local WI and our Lions International.

We do not forget our Insects such as Bee’s everyone a Xen is encouraged to plant pollen rich flowers in their gardens or flower boxes. In this we have a yearly in house incentive for the garden that has the best selection of indigenous flowering plants as well as any other pollent rich flowers. Remember without Bees, other insects and other animals such as Bats, most wild fruits and cultivated foods cannot grow naturally.

Our Owners encourage spending the festive season dressed as father Xmas for old age homes, Private homes for donation [ Local lions] and under privileged children. All to ensure those who associate with Xen swimwear acknowledge that others are less fortunate. To assist in understanding that the world is made up of many components and does not revolve around ME and best of all to share in the heart warming collective happiness. It is really something to see a lonely Grandmum enjoying a hug from FC.

Our Owners and staff Winter knitting programme assisting Lion International South Durban was set up to cater for the Local Wentworth maternity and John Dun homes where bed socks, blankets, warmers and baby wear are donated.

Added to this we help sponsor funding initiatives by the Sunflower foundation and  #CROWkzn. 

Please visit their sites to find out how much these Fund raisers do for our fellow South Africans.

Waste Fabrics.

Besides the interest of profit ensuring the best yield from every meter of fabric, our off cut is sorted and sent to any creche, preschool or community project that needs it. We support the Emyati community sewing Project ensuring  their teaching needs are met.


Water is the seed of life. Those who control water are masters of our lives. No longer seeing water as a human right but as a profit orientated commodity.

We in the cities tend to forget that piped water and its natural reserve is in worldwide short supply. The result of industrial waste pollution, antibiotics and other hard to remove contaminants. All man made for profit.

Municipalities and and other authorities have ignored water as the greatest threat to the survival of our planet rather looking to business as usual energy requirement but not water protection.

Even worse is that most legislate against real water saving such as Domestic rain water harvesting. Every one of these entities pretends they are protecting your interests but ignore that fact that 80% of all domestic water is  non potable and therefore does not impact on your health. Their biggest worry is protecting the money stream.

In mitigation we sponsor Future water. A social conscious operation that promotes Rain Water Harvesting, using rain water for instance to flush our lavatories, pass through water heaters for personal hygiene, in our hot water dishwashing machine,  washing floors, even wash our swimwear after manufacture. We are proud of our reduced water consumption going as far as to use the soapy  washing machine water to do the first floor wash, only using clean water for the rinse down. The remainder is used to water our gardens and recreation area.

If you are interested in saving this life giving resource please visit Future waters Facebook page .  You are invited to add your water saving advice and projects for all to share.


Although targeted mainly for South Africa, the Rainwater harvesting  rules are pretty universal. The main objective is to safely save as much Rain water during the rain season as possible to see your family through the dry months.

One gallon  / litre piped water saved by you means one liter remaining in reserve for later use. That one square meter of collection area has the potential of harvesting 1 litre of water or about one  US gallon for every square yard.

Take care think of the future.